Event Details


Conference April 7, Fair April 8, 2014


Conference 12:30-15:30, Fair 10-16


School of Economics, Lund University


Samday is a career fair and a conference which is organized with a focus on system science and IT combined with business.

This fair is a unique opportunity where computer scientists, economists and engineers can meet, combined with exciting lectures and opportunities for career talks!

Samday is part of LundaEkonomerna, the union of Lund University, School of Economics and Management.

The Fair

About the fair

Who is it for?

Each year LundaEkonomerna gives companies the opportunity to meet with the newly trained and talented Bachelor and Master students in Information Systems.
Samday 2014 is a career fair specifically for Information Systems students but open to all students at Lund University School of Economics and Management.

What date is it?

The fair exists out of a conference day that will take place on the 7th of April, were invited speakers will lecture and together with students and businesses discuss current topics in IT and management.
On the 8th of April we will open the fair together with the companies in need for and interested in IT and Management talents.

Where is it?

Samday 2014 will take place at Lund University School of Economics and Managment. Adress Tunavägen 37 223 63, Lund
(Map below)

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The Conference

About the Conference

Conference of Samday 2014- Future of sharing

When and where

7th April 12.30- 15.00 in Crafoordsalen, Holger Crafords ekonomicentrum building . Lunch included!


We will listen to three presentations regarding this years theme Future Of Sharing. The speakers come from three different companies. Gustav Jonsson from Podio, Murray Grigo-McMahon from Qlik and Eva Melin from Computer Sweden.
After the presentations a discussion will be held regarding the theme led by a discussion leader Michael Tiberg. After each presentation and the discussion you will have time to pose questions.

Michael Tiberg is from Foo Café and he has throughout his life created opportunities for people to meet and share their knowledge.
Ten years ago when he created the developer conference Øredev. Today he runs Foo café, a meeting place for people in IT, Media and Technology with 300 events per year. With the motto Learn + Create + Share.


To ensure your spot, apply below! To make sure you don’t miss out on your spot and your free lunch, be there at least 15 minutes in advance.


12:30 (..)- 13.35
Intro- Welcome to Samday 2014
Lecture by Gustav Jonsson from Podio (English)
Lecture by Murray Grigo-McMahon from Qlik (English)

13:50 (..)-15.00
Lecture by Eva Melin from Computer Sweden (Swedish)
Discussion led by Michael Tiberg from Foo Café (English)
Questions from students

“Fika” and mingle

Apply Here!

The Speakers

Gustav Jonsson

Gustav Jonsson


Gustav has been with Podio for three years and has had different roles and responsibilities in the company during this time. Gustav is passionate about changing the way the world works and has strong beliefs that the youth of today can be instrumental in this major change process.


Podio is the new way to organize, communicate and get work done. More than 400,000 organizations use Podio to run projects and company departments. This includes everyone from small growing companies – using Podio to run their entire businesses – to innovative teams in enterprises. Podio speeds communication and provides the transparency and accountability needed for efficient teamwork, by enabling people to organize and track work in one easy-to-use place. Collaborating across companies is as easy as working internally with Podio, making it a favorite for managing projects and relationships with clients.

Murray Grigo-McMahon

Murray Grigo-McMahon


As an undergraduate I studied graphic design. Even as a graphic designer I saw myself as more of  a facilitator and enabler, with a responsibility to the people who came in contact with my design not just those who commissioned it. This notion is essentially what lead me to UX. To design is to take responsibility for the experiences people have with your design. The trick is not to design in a bubble or simply for ones self. You have to approach it in a collaborative way, involving the people you are designing for and the experts from other disciplines. It’s not a case of a single artistic vision but a shared endeavor where the UX designer is the facilitator.

qlikQlik is committed to changing the world by making it easier to make more insightful decisions and act on them. The QlikView™ Business Discovery software platform helps organizations do more than just report findings. It enables them optimize data as a strategic resource, enabling everyone to make data a natural part of the decision-making process. QlikView uses Natural Analytics™ to support the way people naturally analyze information. It enables users to see associations, make comparisons and anticipate outcomes in a natural way, rather than forcing them down inflexible drill paths, like traditional business intelligence software. Users can ask their own questions to reveal new insights in their data. They can then make better decisions through active collaboration. And, finally, armed with these data-driven insights, they can act quickly with full confidence in their analysis. 

Qlik is the leader in Business Discovery and serves approximately 30,000 diverse customers worldwide in over 100 countries.

Eva Melin

Eva Melin

Computer Sweden -IDG

Eva is responsible for advocacy and event journalism at Computer Sweden, and is also the one half of the CS podcast editorial. Eva is Swedish Language Consultant and before joining IDG, she was communications officer at the Norwegian-Swedish Company ODIN Fonder.

csComputer Sweden is a part of IDG – Sweden’s and the worlds largest mediahouse within it/technology, environment and business. IDG in Sweden operates some 30 brands, including the leading portal IDG.se, Computer Sweden, Techworld, PC för Alla, M3, Miljöaktuellt and the industry trade site IT24.We are also dominant in the recruitment of IT professionals and managers and organizer of the industry-leading event like Webbdagarna och Sustainability Day.


Monterkarta eee2014 final version

Career Interviews

Career Interviews

Thanks for all the applications to Career Interviews for Samday 2014!

What happens now?
1. We will select which CV to send to which companies.
2. The companies will choose which students to talk to.
3. We will inform the students around the 1st of April in Qnekt if you got a Career Interview or not, and information about where, when and with which company the interview will be held.
4. If you got an interview, you have to answer with acceptation in a couple of days.
5. The 8th of April all the Career Interviews will be held.

If you have any other questions regarding the career interviews, please contact:

Marcus Etéus

The Banquet

Samday wants to end their wonderful and inspiring career days by inviting eveyone to the traditional Samdaybanquet – Samnight on Tuesday the 8th of April in Gasquesalen, LTH Kårhuset. Samnight is a banquet where students can meet company representatives and get to socialise in a more relaxed setting. During the dinner you will be entertained by toastmasters, speeches and Lundaspexarna! The afterparty will start at midnight where everyone can join the greatest party this term with Swerve as the main act.
We hope to see you all there!


18:30 Welcome drink
19:30 (..) Doors closing
19:45 Three course meal with speeches & entertainment
22:30 Lundaspexarna
23:00 Mingle
24.00 After Party
03:00 After Party finished

Dress code: Cocktail

For ticket registration and payment information use this link

If you got an personal invite you should use this link

Lets make sure to make this a evening to remember!!